University of Johannesburg Centre of Entrepreneurship: #EIP Entrepreneur Programme Business Panel

University of Johannesburg Centre of Entrepreneurship: #EIP Entrepreneur Programme Business Panel

November 28, 2018
University of Johannesburg – Centre for Entrepreneurship

A proven ? to success in business and life is unlocking one’s purpose and learning how to communicate it. I’ve got the privilege[...]

March 14, 2019
FNB Business JHB SME Supplier Day

FNB's  SME Development team sits within the business SME segment which is mandated with implementing Enterprise and Supplier Development. One of the key[...]

June 19, 2019
Start Up Grind – Mushambi Mutuma’s Tech Adjacent book Launch

Start up grind in association with University of Johannesburg Business School presents Mushambi Mutuma's Tech Adjacent book Launch. The book tour continues as[...]

September 17, 2019
EduOne – Exponential Growth Workshop

As human beings we live in a linear world. The way we think is defined by traditional, inherent survival instinct. For example, if[...]

March 15, 2018

WeTalk is a platform for entrepreneurs. A home for entrepreneurs. We facilitate life-changing business conversations. #WeTalkBiz Join me tomorrow evening in partnership with[...]

July 16, 2018
Entrepreneurial mind knows no bounds

This article was originally published on Medium Technology, entrepreneurship and innovation are the essence of Mushambi Mutuma. He co-founded Altivex Creative Foundry, which[...]

July 19, 2018
What Art School in Italy Taught Me About Business

Not many people know, but before this entrepreneurial journey I thought myself to be an artist and double majored in Studio Art and[...]

October 15, 2015
Becoming an Entrepreneur – The Hard Truths

I recently spoke at a career day for high school and university students. In the midst of lawyers, financial advisors, bankers, IT specialists[...]

August 4, 2015
The Lost Art of the 30 Second Pitch

Unfortunately, given the nature of my job, I attend a lot of networking events. I say unfortunately because of the amount of bad[...]

July 21, 2015