CNBC Africa – Closing Bell – “The Entrepreneurial Mindset”
December 6, 2018

Mushambi Mutuma on CNBC Africa discussing “The Entrepreneurial Mindset”

I’m a firm believer that the world, South Africa in particular, doesn’t need anymore entrepreneurs for its next wave of growth.

We do however, need more people that think and behave like entrepreneurs.

Unlocking that entrepreneurial mindset is about problem solving, being resourceful, moving quickly, welcoming failure and exponential thinking. Those skills are useful not only as a business owner, but director, manager, employee, student, the list goes on in a variety of settings.

I had the pleasure of discussing this content and more last night on CNBC Africa during the Closing Bell show.

I’m extremely excited about how we take this thinking even further to delve into how we then tackle disruption, the intimidating nature of innovation through a truly a tech adjacent existence.

PS. We’re cooking up some game changing content (???? ????) for 2019.

Thankful for the opportunity and privilege!


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