My Talks

My talks are for entrepreneurs, businesses and leaders who want to level up. The convergence of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology are how we achieve positive growth on the African continent and unlock a sustainable future.
I walk the journey with our clients in avoiding getting caught up in the latest news out of Silicon Valley or attempting to replicate “the next Uber/AirBnB/WhatsApp of”.  As  a technologist, it’s not just about the jargon; for me it’s about building solutions that actually grow your business. Bring your team on a walk with me through this new normal of rising disruption and social impact with a local context.

Through Mushambi’s content, talks, coaching and workshop facilitation he hopes to further cultivate and advance Africa’s next generation of innovators and tech adjacent businesses.

Each of my topics can be facilitated as a keynote, workshop or masterclass, conference environment or panel. If you have special needs we can also tailor make custom content for you and your need.

Building exponential brands and businesses of the future through Sharing insights on Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


As business is moving at a faster pace than ever before it’s become intimidating and overwhelming to try keep up. Buzz words like “innovation”, “disruption”, “exponential growth” are confusing and a bit scary. Everyone is telling you day in and day out to innovate and change, however, it’s not easy to make heads or tails of the tech space. In the same breath, many companies shy away from transformation and have a limited strategy on how to grow adjacent to rapid innovation and eventually get left behind.

Tech Adjacent is not about keeping up with tech or jumping on board every single change and adjustment on the market. Instead, it’s about  understanding the principles of tech, it’s pace, hearing the footsteps of where it might be going, knowing how disruption and innovation work tangibly, and most importantly leveraging it for your unique exponential success.

While not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, everyone in this age, should certainly be entrepreneurial in their thinking and behaviour to truly succeed. Unlock the tools entrepreneurs use to succeed across a variety of industries, from corporate to the arts.

“Storytelling may seem like an old-fashioned tool today, and it is. But that’s exactly what makes it so powerful” Stories go beyond quantitative analysis and data, it goes to our hearts. Wrap your vision in a story that fires imagination, drives loyalty and communicates real value.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

Innovation and technology are moving at exponential rates. Hundreds of thousands of start-ups across the world are disrupting old business models, breaking old habits and winning!. It’s clear that the rules of business have changed forever. Every business leader, large or small must embrace what innovation means in their sector avoid Iron Mike’s so eloquent words!

Your purpose is your articulated brand. It is an overflow of your identity & very essence of what makes you, you. Furthermore we have the power to increase the willpower and hanging-in-there-ness within ourselves. Unlocking these 2 characteristics are the foundation for entrepreneurial and personal success.

As human beings we live in a linear world. The way we think is defined by traditional, inherent survival instinct. For example, if we build 1 house per day, then in 30 days we will have 30 houses. However, the way the world is right now, the rapid pace of technology, is not linear. It’s exponential. Exponential thinking, the 10x mindset is a perspective shift that isn’t only the most impactful it’s a necessity to handle the world’s exponential crises and growth. Learn how to see exponential growth in the world and plan your personal life and business for the 10x level up.

In the incredible time of Steve Jobs return to Apple Computer through the release of the revolutionary iPod, Mushambi grew up in the thick of Apple Computer at his father’s feet. Interacting with life changing technology and minds on a daily basis hear more about the code amongst those who shook Steve Jobs hand and what that means for tomorrow.

The next industrial and cultural revolution will occur through the cross section of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Hear more about unlocking innovation by answering local problems will local solutions, achieving growth through building sustainable business models and scaling economically and exponentially through tech.

The growing creative industry still has one core problem, treating the arts like sustainable businesses. The goal of this workshop is to develop whole brain thinking, merging art and science to develop strategic and economic strategies that add sustainability and growth above beyond the creative mind.