Who is Mushambi?

Speaker and tech leader
Mushambi has over 12 years of experience building brands and business across Africa and the US. His high impact company, Altivex, emphasizes African engagement in tech & digital industries, with the intent to make Africa a leading hub of innovative authority.

As a speaker, Mushambi shares insights on Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through his content, he hopes to further cultivate and advance Africa’s next generation of innovators and tech adjacent businesses.

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Business is moving at a faster pace than every before and it’s intimidating and overwhelming to try to keep up with. Companies everywhere shy away from the future and have no strategy on how to grow adjacent to rapid innovation. They eventually get left behind.

Through Mushambi's content, talks, coaching and workshop facilitation he hopes to further cultivate and advance Africa’s next generation of innovators and tech adjacent businesses.

Business development strategy

Exponential growth planning

Creative business modeling 1-on-1 mentorship

Curated network expansion Group training

Accelerator curriculum development

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The most impactful thing our company has ever done is have this talk by you.

Nhlanhla Zikalala

Nhlanhla Zikalala

Head of Sales, Godrej South Africa

Mushambi was excellent. His talk 100% captured best practice in mentoring leaders of social change. I was really impressed. People were inspired.

Andrew Dellis

Andrew Dellis

Director, SAYes Mentoring
Mushambi Mutuma, guest lecturer, friend and mentor to many of Red & Yellow Creative School of Business learners continues to  skillfully teach valuable tenets of Marketing Communications in a conversational and engaging manner. His approach to Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation is thought provoking and distinct.
Mushambi possesses the unique ability to teach constructs in a digestible and practical way.  He is engaging, motivational, and a breadth of fresh air!
With the likes of Mushambi on-board, we can tangibly fuel the catalyst of Learnerships for real transformation and see our industry grow.
Steph Houslay

Steph Houslay

Director Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

We found your manner and presentation style easy to follow and engaging. Thank you for making the Innovation discussion easy, practical and positive. Your “why” is amazing and your passion for it shines through.

Elaine Rumboll

Elaine Rumboll

PWC Partner Leadership Development Programme

My experience with Mushambi, was not an ordinary encounter. I ‘met’ him on Instagram, he followed me, I followed him and was intrigued by his profile. I watched two videos and knew this was the guy to do the job at our event. I put in a call to Mushambi, the day before to be a speaker and he honoured it.
There are many speakers on the market, but very few who speak from a place of authenticity and truth. Especially for the topic we asked him to speak on, which was- Purpose. He touched and inspired many and one review I received: “He was my favourite speaker for the night, I got a new perspective”
We had many high powered people in the room, CEO’s of various organisations and they too were moved by him. Looking forward to working with him in the very near future.
Thanks Mushambi!

Naledi Mosieane

Naledi Mosieane

CEO Oviedo Tech Media

Mushambi blew our socks off! He managed to be executive and relatable at the same time. Without doubt he connected quickly with the audience of entrepreneurs and assessed the entrepreneurs needs well. Everyone felt inspired to move forward with their ideas and put them into action. Mushambi explained to entrepreneurs that one of the keys to success is to leverage failure to their advantage instead of allowing failure to hinder their success. Mushambi’s value came through clearly as someone with experience, passion and a genuine purpose. Expect great minds stemming from Akro Capital’s startup community soon! Thank you for inspiring ideas into action Mushambi. You’re cooler than cool!

Janine Basel

Janine Basel

CEO AKRO Capital

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